Under the X-Ray Videos tab on the Membership Site, you’ll find a series of 10 videos that walk you through all of the steps to facilitate an X-Ray. It’s called How to Deliver a Stages of Growth X-Ray Course. Each one explains the different aspects of the process and I share with you the tools you need.


Segment #1:  Language of Growth Quiz: I explain how I use this exercise to kick-off my X-Ray in order to introduce the concepts that everyone will be hearing during the X-Ray.

Segment #2: X-Ray Introduction slide deck: How to introduce the concepts of the 7 Stages of Growth and the hidden agents to your participants.

Segment #3: Debriefing the 27 Challenges Exercise:  How you use this exercise to verify the importance of this 50,000-foot view of how participants see the top challenges for the company today.

Segment #4: Debriefing the Builder/Protector Assessment: It’s all about understanding the scoring and engaging participants right away in understanding what the different statements are telling them.

Segment #5: Debriefing the Non-Negotiable Rules Exercise: It’s during this portion of the X-Ray where the root causes of issues are uncovered, and people share their observations and perceptions. Most of your initiatives get discovered here.

Segment #6: Create the Top 5 Initiatives: How to get consensus on the top five initiatives from all of the ideas and issues discussed during the workshop.

Segment #7: Completing the Growth Curve Navigator Worksheet: Step-by-step explanation of how to utilize this worksheet to help everyone gain clarity of the top five initiatives and the accountability needed to implement.

Segment #8: Revelations:  Why this is a critical component of the X-Ray process.

Segment #9: The Follow Up Report to the CEO: What you should include in this report in order to help your CEO stay focused on the work from the X-Ray.

Segment #10: The CEO Debrief: Why this is the FIRST step in the X-Ray process and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Even if you aren’t ready to deliver your first X-Ray, I’d recommend you listen to these videos. When you are confident about how valuable this process is, and you are confident in how to deliver it, you will be more confident in selling it!

Remember, I’m here if you have any questions about this crucial part of delivering a successful X-Ray.

Your success. My passion.
Laurie Taylor, FlashPoint!