This worksheet is a valuable tool to use during your X-Ray. The purpose of the Growth Curve Navigator© Worksheet is to capture each initiative in the same way, using the same language. This process helps to clarify how to talk about each initiative to the rest of the company. This is also where you take the time to show the participants how, if each initiative is addressed, their top 5 challenges will also be impacted. You and the team will ask: If we fix this initiative, which of the 5 challenges we identified will go away? That’s how you help the team see how their work will impact those top 5 challenges.

You’ll also identify which Gate of Focus that initiative falls under, what the purpose of the initiative was, ‘why did we care about this’ and identify the owner of the initiative, the deadline and capture one or two outcomes that can be expected when that initiative is complete.

 With a Stage 4 company, their results were measurable:

  • 100% of office employees by Q4 had one-on-one meetings
  • 11 customer satisfaction surveys returned
  • 10 company meetings
  • 6 company trainings
  • 4 new hires went through the training program
  • 1 informal social event
  • Created new hire training binder
  • Created a Customer Charter

One comment at the follow up session was: We accomplished more in 8 months than we have in 5 years! The team was literally amazed at what they had done and the impact their work had on the company.

Your GCN becomes a handy document that the CEO and the X-Ray team can review to manage their progress.

Do we still use the Map? It’s up to you. Most people find that T=the Map is a great visual reminder of the exercise however, it tends to stay in the CEOs office. So, while I still find value in having the Map, the GCN could stand alone.

A huge outcome of the Stages of Growth X-Ray process is accountability. Identifying the ‘Owners’ of each initiative and identifying when each initiative will be completed.

Find the Growth Curve Navigator© Worksheet and Instructions (GCN):

Under the RESOURCES & Tools tab.
Under the X-Ray tab.

X-Ray Growth Curve Navigator© Instructions

GCN Stage 1 and 2
GCN Stage 3
GCN Stage 4
GCN Stage 5
GCN Stage 6
GCN Stage 7

If you haven’t printed out a GCN worksheet, do so today. Make it a part of your X-Ray preparation. I think you’ll find it very valuable.

If you’ve used the GCN during an X-Ray, I’d love to hear your experience and how it was received.

Remember, never hesitate to connect with me personally.

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