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As you set up your X-Ray, one of the most important meetings you’ll have is the CEO Debrief that should occur prior to the one or two-day X-Ray workshop. During this meeting, the CEO will complete the CEO Insight Summary Worksheet.

Here are the steps to follow regarding this meeting.

Best practices for Debriefing the CEO prior to the X-Ray.

  1. Hold the meeting the day or night before the X-Ray. If you hold it too far ahead of the actual workshop, the impact is less and the CEO may forget some of the results. We want to avoid surprising our CEOs.
  2. During this session, you’ll ask the CEO to complete the CEO Insight Summary Worksheet. This provides you a chance to explain some of the language of the model and the hidden agents. The goal is to simply see how the CEO views their world in relationship to the ideal aspects for their current stage of growth. These results also get transferred to the 30×30 inch Stages of Growth Map (make sure the CEO knows the results will be shared in the session).
  3. After the CEO Insight Summary has been completed, explain how the two days (or one day) will be set up. Talk about the importance of educating everyone on the research behind the 7 Stages of Growth. Explain that you will go over the results of the 27 Challenges first, which will be a consensus report showing their top 5 strengths and their top 5 challenges. Then you’ll go over the Builder/Protector consensus report and finally the Non-Negotiable Rules. Assure the CEO that the goal of the workshop is to create a dialogue around business issues. That there are no right or wrong answers. When you go over the NNRs, you’ll ask the CEO to always report on their results last.
  4. While you are facilitating the results of the assessment, explain that you’ll be capturing issues and ideas and putting them on flip charts and this is where the top 5 initiatives/goals will come from.
  5. You’re goal at the end of the workshop is to get consensus on the top 5 issues everyone agrees must be addressed as soon as possible.
  6. Finally, ask if the CEO has any questions, concerns, hesitations and talk through their concerns.
  7. Don’t feel the need to go over EVERY statement on every assessment. Find examples to share and explain that each person will be sharing their own perspectives, their own ideas of how things are going. Assure the CEO that this isn’t about them. It’s about the organization.

I thoroughly enjoy this part of the X-Ray process as it allows me time to probe into the CEO’s perspective to see how he/she feels things are going. And I get to further our relationship.

Here are some resources to help you prepare for this critical meeting:

To find help with the CEO Debrief Meeting

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How to Deliver a Stages of Growth X-Ray
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You’ll find 9 live video sessions where I walk you through ALL aspects of delivering the X-Ray. The last one is:

The CEO Debrief

There is another video of me walking your through a slide deck. This one is 24 minutes in length and shows up under the X-Ray Videos Tab, on the 2nd Page and it’s called The CEO Debrief.

To download the CEO Insight Summary Worksheet

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CEO Insight Summary Worksheet

CEO Insight Summary Worksheet Instructions

Take the time to prepare for this critical meeting. This is your opportunity to expand upon your relationship with the CEO and take any concerns off the table as the CEO prepares for the workshop.

Often, CEOs take the information that they hear from the X-Ray personally. As I sit down for this meeting I get asked: How did I do? Your job is to ensure that CEO that this is how his/her team views the organization and getting a better understanding of each person’s perspective can only help make that CEOs job easier in the long run.

Remember, I’m here if you have any questions about this crucial part of delivering a successful X-Ray.

Your success. My passion.
Laurie Taylor, FlashPoint!