Looking for ideas on an email drip campaign?

Or how about a series of articles you could write?

Or a series of webinars you could create?

The challenge we all face is how to market effectively so we get the attention of our target audience. Peter Drucker said: “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the produce or service fits him and sells itself.”

Over the years, I’ve been successful in talking about the 7 Stages of Growth and creating programs, offerings, and products to help me position and sell X-Rays. One of those successful marketing approaches was an email drip campaign I did several years ago. As I looked it over, I thought you may find value in it. 

I called it:

FlashPoint!’s Business Brain Bites

Business Success Tips Designed to Provide Bite-Sized Advice on Running a Business with Fewer than 500 Employees

Back in 2014 I wrote these 52 Business Brain Bites and sent them out weekly to my list of business owners. It was an effective way to stay in touch, provide valuable information and talk about the 7 Stages of Growth in a way that helped educate business owners on the concepts.

I have now posted these on the GCS Membership Site in order to give you an idea of how you can do the same thing. These could become Twitter posts, LinkedIn posts or get creative and put just a statement up on Instagram with a visual. I’ve created a lot of content over the years. If you’d like to utilize something I’ve already created, but in your own way, I offer them to you with two ideas in mind:

1) Use mine to create your own. 

2) Or simply give me attribution and send them out to your list as they are. (Please read each one as you may need to update the information or change it to your experience instead of my experience). Suggested Attribution:  Used with permission from Laurie Taylor, FlashPoint! 

Remember, it’s my goal to help you find ways to market and ultimately sell the 7 Stages of Growth, the Stages of Growth X-Ray and Zeroing in on Your Company’s Profit Zone. Think about using these Business Brain Bites as a topic for a webinar, a drip campaign, a leave behind marketing piece, the beginning of an article – I lean on your own creativity and marketing plan to see how these 52 short tips may be of help to you in your marketing efforts.

Find my Business Brain Bites under the Resources and Tools TAB, under the Marketing TAB, under the SUBHEAD: Miscellaneous Marketing Tools. The title is: FlashPoint!’s Business Brain Bites


Your success. My passion.

Laurie Taylor, FlashPoint!

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