We all know that to grow a successful business, marketing isn’t an option. It’s the only way to grow your business.

BUSINESS FLASH! You now have one of the most effective business growth programs in the world as a part of your offerings.

I get this question often:

How can I find prospects for the 7 Stages of Growth?

Let me share with you my marketing approaches when I was just starting FlashPoint! and was trying hard to become a trusted advisor to business owners with fewer than 500 employees.

Notice how I didn’t ask: How do I find prospects for the Stages of Growth X-Ray?

If you’ve been a part of our GCS community for any length of time, you know I don’t ever sell X-Rays. I help business owners find the solutions they need to grow a successful business.

So how did I find prospects? How did I grow my business using the 7 Stages of Growth?

The old-fashioned way. One conversation at a time.

And I looked for opportunities to get in front of CEOs. Any opportunity.

I attended chamber of commerce meetings.
I attended business expos.
I attended conferences.
I attended industry gatherings.
I spoke to small groups – any group.
I spoke to large groups – any group.
I attended conferences on marketing practices.
I learned how to create email marketing drip campaigns.
I offered free workshops on the 7 Stages of Growth.
I offered fee-based workshops on the 7 Stages of Growth.

How did I become a better marketer?

I read books on marketing.
I listened to tapes on marketing.
I attended webinars on marketing.
I created flyers for my programs.
I created a website.
I wrote a series of articles for a local newspaper.
I wrote articles and submitted them to article sites.
I wrote ebooks and used them to get people to sign up for my email list.

I didn’t use Social Media but you can. You just need to become an expert on how to do that. Attend webinars. Hire a social media expert to help you.

I was committed to growing my business around the 7 Stages of Growth and the Stages of Growth X-Ray. I had to spend money to create marketing flyers and marketing materials. I committed to that vision and I learned everything I could about marketing. I hired a marketing company to help create my website, to create marketing materials I could leave behind at my speaking events.

I become very good at speaking on the 7 Stages of Growth and very good at generating leads from those speaking engagements. I wasn’t in the beginning. I had to practice. I had to make mistakes. I had to have disappointments. But I kept on trying because I believed in the program I was selling.

On the GCS Membership Site are several Marketing Resources that can be helpful. I encourage you to use the concepts I’ve provided and get creative regarding your own marketing messaging and graphics.

Under the Resources Tab:

Under the Marketing Tab:

Stage of Growth Cards

I would use these as a LEAVE BEHIND after you’ve presented to a group of business owners or if you have a one-on-one conversation. You’ll need to bring enough variety of the cards to address different stages of growth if you are talking to a larger audience (or try to get that information from the host before you arrive).

Special Reports

There are many ways to use these Stage Specific Special Reports. You can set them up as a give away when someone opts in to your website. You just need to know their name, email address and number of employees and set up your system to send out the correct report.

Or you can send a Stage Specific Special Report as a follow-up reminder to a prospect that gives them a deeper dive into their specific stage of growth. As an added bonus, send them a copy of my specific stage of growth book.

Remember: Your marketing efforts are only as good as you are when you are talking about your product or service. No amount of great marketing material will land a client. It might bring in a lead, but your passion, your ability to engage that prospect in a valuable exchange of ideas is what will bring you a sale.

What is your Marketing Plan? Is it written down? Is it repeatable? Are you consistent with your messaging?

Marketing isn’t an option. It’s the only way to grow your business. You now have one of the most effective business growth programs in the world as a part of your offerings. What’s stopping you from integrating the 7 Stages of Growth into your business model?


Questions? I’m here with answers.

Your success. My passion.
Laurie Taylor, FlashPoint!


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This is only available to those of you who are a part of my GCS Membership Site so you’ll be asked to sign in before you can purchase this resource. I also created an audio version and a digital version. Remember, your confidence in understanding the different aspects of this model will lead to engagements. We have the ONLY model that can actually help a CEO PREDICT what they need to do to manage growth successfully.