This critical step in getting prepared for your X-Ray has so much value for the CEO and you. I thoroughly enjoy this part of the X-Ray process as it allows me time to probe into the CEO’s perspective to see how he/she thinks about their company at that moment in time, prior to the X-Ray. And I get to further our relationship. Also, be sure to bring the CEOs notebook so he/she can go through it with you at the right time.

Three aspects of this meeting include:

  1. Explain the process and answer any questions the CEO has
  2. Having the CEO complete the CEO Insight Summary Worksheet
  3. Reviewing the results of the surveys at a high level

#1:  Explain the process and answer any questions:

This meeting should be set up the day or the night before the X-Ray and will take at least two hours. One of the goals of this meeting is to avoid surprising our CEOs. They know people have taken the surveys and it is just human nature to worry or question about how his/her team responded to those statements. It’s easy for them to take the responses personally and that’s the last thing we want them to do.

I usually start by explaining how the two days (or one day) will be set up. Talk about the importance of educating everyone on the research behind the 7 Stages of Growth. Explain that you will go over the results of the 27 Challenges first, which will be a consensus report showing their top 5 strengths and their top 5 challenges. Then you’ll go over the Builder/Protector consensus report and finally the Non-Negotiable Rules. Assure the CEO that the goal of the workshop is to create a dialogue around business issues. That there are no right or wrong answers. When you go over the NNRs, you’ll ask the CEO to always go last.

While you are facilitating the results of the assessment, explain that you’ll be capturing issues and ideas and putting them on flip charts, and this is where the top 5 initiatives/goals will come from. Your goal at the end of the workshop is to get consensus on the top 5 issues everyone agrees must be addressed as soon as possible. Finally, ask if the CEO has any questions, concerns, hesitations and talk through their concerns. 

#2: Have the CEO complete the CEO Insight Summary: 

Then I explain the CEO Insight Summary Worksheet and walk through the completion of this with the CEO. Know that the Leadership Styles and the Leadership Competencies exercise is designed at this meeting to simply identify the CEO’s leadership style and what they feel are their top competencies. I don’t use this time to coach them on these critical leadership skill development opportunities. I use this information throughout our work together and help them adjust these as they continue to improve their own skills and eliminate possible obstacles to the company’s ability to grow.

#3:  Review the results of the surveys:

Don’t feel the need to go over EVERY statement on every assessment. Find examples to share and explain that each person will be sharing their own perspectives, their own ideas of how things are going. Assure the CEO that this isn’t about them. It’s about the organization.

KEY POINT: DO NOT let the CEO take their notebook home. Need I say more?

 Use your CEO debrief to explain the value this process will bring to his/her team. This will be brought home quickly as you take the participants through the Revelations Exercise. Remember, it’s your job to make sure the CEO sees that value. 

I’m here if you have any questions about this crucial part of delivering a successful X-Ray.

Your success. My passion.
Laurie Taylor, FlashPoint!