I kick off all of my X-Rays with the Language of Growth Quiz. Here’s why:


  1. You are able to start introducing the concepts of the 7 Stages of Growth in a relaxed setting. In many cases, the participants in the X-Ray don’t know exactly what to expect. This gives you a chance to engage the team from the start and get the talking.
  2. People resonate with the language – Flood Zone, Wind Tunnel, 3 Gates of Focus.
  3. People respond to the statement that resonated with them the most giving you another chance to connect individually with each person.


I explain at the outset that I’m going to ask that they participate in a short quiz. And they won’t know any of the answers! I have them turn to the Quiz in their notebooks and I kick off the conversation by asking the CEO to answer the first question:


#1.  There are ________ Stages of Growth and they impact companies with fewer than _______ employees.


I’m pretty sure the CEO will know the answers to this because during my de-brief the night before I explained the model and the concepts underneath it.


Then I might ask someone else to read #2 and I provide the answer:


#2. The ______________ is the imaginary line that moves between __________and __________ in growth companies.


In some cases, they can provide some good guesses as with this statement:


#18. ______________ is truly the best medicine.


With each statement I have a chance to introduce a concept of the model, I can introduce the idea of emotional intelligence, the impact leaders have on the organization and how challenging it is to grow a business due to the fact that people are individuals and they come from their own set of values and beliefs and getting everyone on the same page to address critical issues is what the X-Ray process is all about.


#20.  _____________ create _________________ that develop _______________ that drive ____________.


By the end of this fun and educational exercise, people are talking, laughing, sharing stories and I’ve been able to directly connect with each person in the room.


If you haven’t added this component to your X-Ray process, I highly recommend it. Remember, the success of your X-Ray depends upon your energy and establishing the credibility of this model from the beginning.

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Title:  Language of Growth Quiz and Language of Growth Answers


Were you able to fill in the blanks?

Your success. My passion.

Laurie Taylor, FlashPoint!