I am committed to sharing information with you that will help you market, sell and deliver the X-Ray and the Profit Zone programs. I want you to integrate the 7 Stages of Growth concepts into your business because these concepts have proven over and over again that they are effective in helping business owners:

  • Focus on the right things at the right time
  • Adapt their leadership skills to the needs of the company as it grows
  • Predict how growth will impact them

To that end, each week, on Wednesdays, you receive one of my emails that is designed to inform, educate and provide you ideas and tools you can use.

As of this email, there are now 200 pieces of information that will inform you on some aspects of the 7 Stages of Growth, the Stages of Growth X-Ray and the Profit Zone program.

I wanted to remind you that you can find ALL of these emails in ONE EASY-TO-ACCESS place on the GCS Membership Site.

You’ll find topics such as:

How do I Explain Leadership Modality?

Best Practices for De-Briefing the Builder/Protector Exercise

Using the Growth Curve Navigator

Why I Never Sell an X-Ray or a Profit Zone Program

Financial Literacy with the Profit Zone Program

Employee Engagement Presentation

What’s in a Name? Part One and Part Two

How to Explain to a CEO what the X-Ray Process is All About

The Four Rules that Govern the 7 Stages of Growth

How Do You Engage a CEO?

Marketing Content Done

Beyond Stage 7

The Power of Hidden Agents

Getting Ready to Deliver an X-Ray

Focus on the Client’s Pain

The X-Ray Process is Too Complicated

25 Outcomes from the X-Ray Process

Costs to Deliver an X-Ray

51 Ideas To Engage a CEO

Ten Videos on How to Deliver an X-Ray

The Steps to Integration

Email Drip Campaign Done for You

The Virtual X-Ray: Part 1, 2 and 3

Each email is designed to give you insight into some aspect of the different programs or just provide you with ideas on where you might find a resource for your next presentation or your next X-Ray.

On the GCS Membership Site just go to:

Weekly Emails

Hoping you’ll continue to find helpful information in my weekly emails. I hear from many of you often thanking me for providing you insight into something you might have forgotten about, or giving you a way to talking to a CEO about the X-Ray.

I’ll keep writing these weekly emails and if you have ideas of topics you’d like me to cover, send them along!

My goal is to help you feel comfortable in explaining these concepts. Never hesitate to connect with me personally.

Your Success. My Passion.
Laurie Taylor, FlashPoint!