Since the pandemic started in March 2020, new ways of doing business, including online training and online development programs became the norm. Many of us had to completely rethink how we ran our businesses. The lessons learned during the past two years will continue to serve us well because in many cases, our clients adjusted to offering training programs to a broader audience at less cost. They were able to get ‘more bang for their buck’ because of the ability to reach out to a larger audience, sometimes an audience that was global.

There is no reason to stop embracing the value of virtual programs.

In November and December 2019, I delivered two X-Rays to two Stage 5 companies. While challenging, they were both successful and I learned a lot from that experience. Many of you have also delivered virtual X-Rays. On our August Refresher Training, we’ll cover the How To’s of setting up, preparing, delivering and following up from a Virtual Stages of Growth X-Ray.

Many companies are preparing for the strategic planning season in preparation for 2023. Why not capitalize upon this ‘traditional’ planning approach and position the X-Ray as their unique, one-of-a-kind business planning workshop? And why not offer two options? An in-person option or a virtual option.

I just talked with a Stage 7 executive who shared with me how they take their unit managers through a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) exercise in preparation for the new year. After the unit manager has outlined the results of their SWOT, the leadership team has them examine what ‘department stage of growth’ they are in. He told me everyone is amazed at how well the SWOT issues match up against what that unit manager should be aware of regarding the department stage of growth. This from a company that has utilized the SOG to grow their company from Stage 1 to Stage 7. They are firm believers in the power of the model. This was a nice blend of ‘looking outside’ using the SWOT and ‘looking inside’ using the 7SOG.

I am a firm believer in Strategic Planning. My only caveat is that all too often, the people who are expected to deliver on that ‘strategic plan’ are so buried in getting products or services out the door, that focusing on ’12 months from now’ has them frustrated and disconnected from the entire process. One production manager at a Stage 2 company shared with me how he thought his head was going to explode as he sat through a strategic planning session, knowing that the company was struggling to deal with what was showing up right then. He was not engaged.

Let’s explore how to position the X-Ray to help business owners uncover the root cause of issues facing their company today and using our process to get immediate alignment, and with alignment comes engagement, and if we get them engaged, they can implement on the plans that show up from the X-Ray process.

We’ll focus on how to do all of this virtually as well as the nuances of virtual vs in-person.

If you have delivered a virtual X-Ray, we’d love to hear your own experience.

Session 1 Part 1

Session 1 Part 2

Session 2 Part 1

Session 2 Part 2