The title of this week’s email is actually a statement a GCS shared with me, looking for answers. The point they made was when they talk about stages of growth, a CEO doesn’t understand what that is referring to and it’s confusing.

A couple of years ago I conducted a webinar called Marketing and Sales Tips for the Growth Curve. The goal was to answer some typical questions I receive regarding the 7 Stages of Growth and the X-Ray program.

On the Membership site is the recording of that webinar. You can find it here:

Under the 7 SOG Videos Tab

Marketing Tips for the Growth Curve

This 60-minute video covers issues/comments/statements that I receive regarding the X-Ray.

Those issues are:

“The terminology ‘Stages of Growth’ doesn’t resonate with prospects.”

I’ll teach you how I’ve been successfully talking about the 7 Stages of Growth for over 15 years.

“The ability to see the future, a critical benefit of the 7 Stages of Growth, doesn’t belong as a big part of the initial marketing message.”

I’ll explain how this is the ONE differentiator that sets you apart from people like Vern Harnish, The Gazelles and Gino Wickman of Traction fame.

“The 27 Challenges list is not focused enough to be an effective selling tool.”

You’ll learn how to turn this powerful hidden agent into an interactive presentation that I’ve successfully used to generate leads.

“The X-Ray process seems overwhelming. How do you create interest and explain the process.”

I’ll share with you how to put together a proposal that breaks down the different parts of the process into language a CEO can understand.

“What’s the best way to market an X-Ray?”

We’ll start with the premise that you aren’t marketing or selling an X-Ray. Learn how to create a dialogue with a CEO that positions you as someone who can help solve their biggest challenges.

Questions? I’m here with answers.

Your success. My passion.
Laurie Taylor, FlashPoint!