Prior to conducting your X-Ray, best practice is to meet with the CEO and do the following:

  1. Review the results of the X-Ray surveys.
  2. Explain how the X-Ray workshop will be conducted.
  3. Explain the goal of the X-Ray: To create a dialogue to help each person better understand the issues facing a growing company.
  4. Create alignment around those issues.
  5. Identify 5 top initiatives to address those issues.

This is a great opportunity to further your relationship with the CEO. It’s not unusual for a CEO to feel a bit apprehensive going into the X-Ray. You want to assure them that the conversations will focus on organizational issues and your goal as the facilitator is to create an environment where people feel comfortable sharing their perspectives and ideas on how to help the company improve.

The CEO Insight Summary© Worksheet helps you capture critical information about the company as well as gather Stage of Growth information from the CEO. You’ll find out how the CEO currently sees:

  • Their focus regarding the 3 Gates of Focus
  • Which Leadership Face he/she is leading with today
  • How they perceive the Confidence/Caution Mindset in the company
  • What Modality he/she are using
  • Their Top Leadership Competencies
  • Their Primary Leadership Style

This meeting can easily take 2 – 3 hours. You’ll be introducing the CEO to the language of growth you’ll be using during the X-Ray.

As you take the CEO through the Leadership Competencies and the Leadership Styles exercises, you’ll also discover their strengths as well as areas that need improvement. Sometimes just recognizing that his/her top leadership style is Commanding where it needs to be Coaching, is eye-opening.

Where to find the CEO Insight Summary© Worksheet and Instructions:

Under the RESOURCES and TOOLS tab.
Under the Stages of Growth X-Rays tab.

X-Ray CEO Insight Summary© Instructions
CEO Insight Summary© Worksheet

To listen to a video regarding this critical meeting with the CEO, go to:

X-Ray Videos and find the video called “The CEO Debrief”.  It’s only 24 minutes in length.

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