A typical question I get has to do with: How do you explain the 7 Stages of Growth to a CEO and How do you explain the Stages of Growth X-Ray?

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The 7 Stages of Growth: A Predictive Growth Model for Companies with Fewer than 500 Employees

A research study conducted by researcher and growth consultant, James Fischer, discovered that as companies grew, the complexity increased. That complexity increased due to the addition of people.

The model, the 7 Stages of Growth, designed to address companies with 1 – 500 employees, allows a growing enterprise to do three things:

  1. Predict how growth will impact them
  2. Focus on the right things at the right time
  3. Help a leader adapt their skills to the needs of the company as it grows

This model also allows the business owner to look at the past, the present and the future in order to better understand what hidden agents are impacting the company’s ability to grow.

For instance, the Builder/Protector Ratio helps a company understand where too much caution might be creating obstacles to growth. Understanding the 3 Faces of a Leader, Visionary, Manager and Specialist, helps a CEO recognize that being visionary isn’t always prudent. The research uncovered 27 business challenges a company will experience as it grows.

The model helps a CEO focus on the top five that are most critical during each stage of growth. Once these hidden agents are identified, the business owner can create a language of growth that resonates throughout the company.

You’ll also find explanations for:

Transition Zones: The Flood Zone and the Wind Tunnel
Summary of each stage of growth: Bullet points that highlight key aspects of each stage of growth
Your ability to create your own About Us page: Add your own Bio, contact information


Stages of Growth X-Ray: An Internal Strategic Alignment Tool

A Stages of Growth X-Ray™ is a one-day or two-day workshop, created for the business owner/CEO, designed to improve your business performance. You’ll never look at your company the same way after understanding the 7 Stages of Growth Enterprise Development Model.

You will gain insight and clarity to the obstacles that are slowing you down. You’ll quickly be able to identify and understand your greatest challenges based on your specific stage of growth.

This process consists of identifying the key employees who play a critical role in your company’s growth and ultimate success. This group should consist of decision makers, people who are in a position on a daily basis to put systems in place for their area of responsibility and then hold people accountable to getting specific things done.

Each stage of growth has its own demanding set of rules, its own particular needs and its stage-specific challenges. The 7 Stages of Growth Model was developed by James Fischer. Mr. Fischer spent six years interviewing over 650 CEOs in 35 industries to find out why some businesses succeeded and thrived and others failed. He found that as a company grew, the complexity increased, and that complexity was created by people.

You’ll also find explanations for:

How the X-Ray Process Works
Outcomes You Can Expect from This Process
10 Reasons to Get an X-Ray for Your Company Today
You can Customize your Own About Us page

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