You are sitting in front of a CEO and he/she asks why the B/P ratio is 3:2. How would you answer it?

Your need to dig deep into the concepts of the 7 Stages of Growth to be able to answer this question and many others just like it is the main reason I created the GCS Membership Site.

It’s why there are over 44 different videos where I explain the B/P ratios for each stage of growth, and the Gates of Focus, and the Three Faces of a Leader as well as the Leadership Modality hidden agent. I know that if that CEO doesn’t get answers to those critical questions, your credibility takes a hit and the model takes a hit.

I don’t want that to happen!

Every aspect of the 7 Stages of Growth model has a meaning. The brilliance in the model shows up as soon as you understand something like the B/P ratio for Stage 4.

The B/P ratio is also referred to as the Confidence/Caution Ratio. The X-Ray assessment that helps measure a company’s B/P ratio is designed to identify where there is either too much protector mindset being deployed or where there isn’t enough Builder mindset showing up.

In the assessment, people are either strongly agreeing to a statement or strongly disagreeing to a statement such as:

This is a Builder Statement:  Optimistic Tone: I see that leaders are very optimistic about the future of the enterprise.

If there is strong agreement with this statement, there is a good dose of confidence. However, if there was strong disagreement with this statement, something is creating a lack of confidence in the future of the company and that needs to be addressed so that the Builder mindset gets adjusted. It will get adjusted once the group addresses this issue and figures out what has to happen in order for the company to feel optimistic about the future.

To explain the desired ratio to a leader, takes understanding each stage of growth and what’s going on. To the question about how you explain why the B/P ratio is 3:2 for Stage 4, requires an understanding of what else is occurring in the organization. It’s the only time the Protector Ratio is at a 2. The top gate of focus is Process. The managers are trying to establish their domain and create strong divisions. Most of the challenges relate to process issues and the Modality for the Managers is Dominant because they need to assert a dominant influence or presence in the company as they take charge of their area of expertise.

Because the CEO is having to allow those managers to step up, the builder ratio is still strong however, the CEO can’t step away. He/she must protect what they have built in order to not abdicate authority and allow the company to stray from their values and their vision, but to delegate and set clear expectations and manage to those expectations. Hence the reason the Protector ratio is a 2. The CEO’s face of a leader is 70% Manager and he/she must become a better manager and leader to take the company forward. To do that requires a strong builder mindset.

I strongly urge you to take the time and listen to these videos that are under the 7 SOG Video Tab. Start with a client you currently have and listen to these videos for that stage of growth. It took me time and effort to understand how to address the different aspects of the model when asked those specific questions by a CEO.

Be proactive so you can actively present this incredible model effectively.

Listen to the following Videos to become that ‘expert’ your client expects you to be.

Stage 1 – Stage 7:  How It All Fits Together

 Stage 1 – Stage 7:  Overview

Most of these videos are less than 30 minutes in length and packed full of critical insights to help you confidently present the information to your target audience.

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