Recently, in working with a CEO of a Stage 3 company, we talked about the 3 Faces of a Leader and I explained the role of being a Manager (60% of their time in Stage 3 is in Manager Face) at this critical stage of growth. His response was: “I don’t want to do that. It’s not what I’m good at.” The short story is he stepped down from his CEO role, hired someone that had more experience and more skills in running a growing company.

On the Membership Site, there is a 43 minute video, where I explore the dynamics of the 3 faces of a leader — why does the Manager face increase so drastically in Stage 3? Being a Visionary is a critical aspect of a CEOs world, understand how being too Visionary at the wrong time can become one of the hidden agents that might be creating obstacles to growth. 

I outline specific Activities for the Visionary, Manager and Specialist to help explain what these ‘faces’ look like and provide some marketing messages you can use in blog posts or for presentations. And finally, learn how to diagnose issues using this critical hidden agent.

As with the other ‘hidden agents’, the 3 Faces of a Leader provide you a rich playground of conversations you can have with a CEO.

 The idea that there are these 3 faces for a leader to bring to the table every day is a great place to start. How much time does your CEO feel he/she is spending in the Visionary Face? What ‘face’ do they tend to lead with? Why? 

Could the fact that your CEO is spending too much time bringing their Visionary Face to the company and they are ignoring their Manager Face be the ‘hidden agent’ that’s creating an obstacle to their company’s growth?

Can you help them move from Visionary to Manager? I’ll give you some ideas on the video.

You can find “Understanding the 3 Faces of a Leader” video:

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