You must always provide value to your marketing lists when you are engaging people who you hope to work with. I have spent years and a lot of money learning from the best internet marketers about how to build a list, how to create a marketing webinar, how to deliver the What but not the How (they have to pay for the How), how to stay in touch with customers who ‘opt-in’ to your lists, how to follow up, create on-going programs, how to be comfortable with how much knowledge you do give away, etc.

The reality of anything we do as business owners is this: It has to be in-line with our own values, feel good and follow our own path. We can’t be anyone but ourselves.

All of that is to introduce you to the Stage Specific Special Reports I wrote which are on the GCS Website waiting for you to use them in a way that works for you.

Suggestions include:

Read them to learn more about each stage of growth as this is the BEST way to land X-Ray clients. The more you know about the 7 Stages of Growth, the more credible you become.

Create a 7 Stages of Growth marketing workshop (fee or free) and as a bonus for attending, let the participants know they will receive this detailed report for their current stage of growth.

Create a Cracking the Code to Your Company’s Growth lead generator presentation to a group of CEOs and hand these out at the end in exchange for their business card so you can follow up with them.

Put it as a Free Report on your website to entice people to Opt-in to your email marketing list. This is a bit tricky as you’d have to know what stage of growth they were so they received the right report, but it is doable.

REMEMBER to CUSTOMIZE this Report. At the end of the report you can put your own website, add more content to the part about the X-Ray or add any other services or products you’d like them to know about. You do have to keep the part about being affiliated with me but there is another page called About Us and you can promote your company and your website.

Here’s where you can find these Stage Specific Special Reports:

Under the Resources & Tools Tab
Under the Marketing Tab
Under Sub Head Special Reports


Your success. My passion.
Laurie Taylor, FlashPoint!


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