One of the most important marketing tips from Internet marketers is ‘build your list’. You want to connect with people online that are your target audience and find helpful ways to bring them value.

One of the ways I established my own online presence was by offering monthly teleclasses that honed-in on a specific stage of growth and discussed solid solutions to managing the challenges in that stage of growth. I made sure each hour-long session was packed full of great content that helped participants understand what was happening based on their stage of growth, defined and talked about the hidden agents and why they created obstacles to growth, and gave solutions to their challenges. For instance, my Stage 4 teleclass was called Don’t Leave This One Too Soon! The one for Stage 3 was called Have You Had Your Staff Revolution Yet?

Of course, I had to create an audience for these free teleclasses and in the beginning I didn’t have a lot of participants. However, the ones that attended became loyal followers of my material and several became clients. But my guess is this. You meet CEOs during networking events, at industry conferences, on social media and at Chamber of Commerce meetings. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to offer them something for free that immediately addresses their biggest challenges?

Today, audio has been replaced with video and the ability to share visuals is key. Think about sharing the Stage of Growth Cards or maybe create a Study Guide that will unlock answers to their issues based on their stage of growth. I’m less worried about what you use and more concerned with helping you find ways to show people you are an expert in solving their business challenges.

You can set this up as an opt-in page on your website and drive people to sign up by offering a free give-away. Remember, the membership site is FULL of articles already written about the 7 Stages of Growth. You don’t have to start from scratch!

You may not want to do a Stage-Specific Webinar. How about a webinar around the Builder/Protector concept? The Confidence/Caution factor every company must pay attention to in order to ensure engagement. Or the 3 Faces of a Leader and explore why the face of a leader changes based on their stage of growth?

You could also cover the Non-negotiable Rules in a webinar. Find out what stage of growth your participants are in and, in advance, give them the five NNRs for their stage of growth and promise to provide insight on how to address them in your webinar.

Your goal behind these teleclasses or webinars is to introduce the concepts of the 7 Stages of Growth and give CEOs insight that you have answers to their biggest concerns. I always mentioned the Stages of Growth X-Ray, not to sell it, but to provide examples of how I helped company’s move away from chaos and get the traction they needed to grow.

On the Membership Site, you’ll find Special Reports on each of the different stages of growth. These can provide the content you need for those webinars, or they can be a bonus that you handout once they have registered for your webinar.

To find those Special Reports, go to the Resource Tab. Under Marketing Tab. Under Special Reports.

Get creative. Get committed. Get clients!

Your Success. My Passion.
Laurie Taylor, FlashPoint!

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