By understanding the concepts of the 7 Stages of Growth. By being aware of why Staff Buy-in is the top challenge for Stage 3 and why the Builder/Protector ratio is also called the Confidence/Caution ratio.

By helping a CEO understand why Stage 4 is called professional and the important management role they play in helping their new managers build strong teams.

By understanding the transition zones (Flood Zone and Wind Tunnel) and why these occur and more importantly the value in helping employees understand what’s happening in the company – providing every person a ‘language of growth’ that will serve them well into the future.

Your ability to explain this unique model to a CEO is how you market the X-Ray. As I explained earlier, you are selling a solution to help a CEO get a handle on their growth challenges. You are creating a process that involves people in a dialogue that never occurs in most organizations.

People will be identifying problems, putting a name to those problems and once you put a name to a problem you can solve it. Knowledge of the model is your best marketing tool.

Presentations in front of CEO audiences, webinars, blogs, email campaigns, special reports, and articles are other effective ways to help CEOs see the value in the material you are presenting.

I’ve created a 3-hour marketing presentation (and it is another resource on the Membership Website) you can use with a group of CEOs that involve them in completing the 27 Challenges exercise and the Leadership Styles assessment.

Helping them compare their results with the Stages of Growth Matrix and what research has shown is ‘ideal’ for their current stage of growth. This 3-hour presentation can be modified to a 1-hour or a 2-hour presentation as well.

I know there are many challenges to understanding the 7 Stages of Growth. There is no short cut. The better you understand the concepts, the more successful you will be in delivering an X-Ray.

I’m committed to helping all GCS integrate this program into their successful running businesses. I’ve spent months gathering tools and resources I’ve used for 17 years, getting them organized and providing an easy-to-access website where these resources are there when you need them.

Spend time exploring the resources on the GCS Membership Site in order to improve your confidence in talking about the 7 Stages of Growth.


Or just reach out. I’m here to help you be successful anyway I can.


Your success. My passion.

Laurie Taylor, FlashPoint!