My second book, Sales Ramp Up: How to Kick Start Performance and Adapt to Chaos with 11 – 19 Employees, covers the five top challenges for a Stage 2 company.

Improving Sales is one of the five challenges for this stage of growth. I provide 10 critical questions that will help a company focus on this critical challenge:


1. Are you satisfied with the results from your company’s lead generation efforts over the past six months?

2. Does your company have a structured and proven step-by-step sales process?

3. Does your company successfully combine its products/services into bundled packages that communicate a greater combined value then if they were sold individually?

4. Is your company adept at creating custom combinations of your products and services to meet your customer’s unique needs?

5. Can your company communicate quality as a means of upgrading a purchase?

6. Do your customers clearly understand the full range of your product/service pricing?

7. Is your company focused on gathering and tracking key customer feedback?

8. Does your everyday product/service pricing communicate extraordinary value to the customer?

9. Does your sales presentation effectively use powerful client testimonials to improve the closing ratio in your sales process?

10. Is your company particularly successful at communicating to the customer what it is best at delivering?

In Stage 2, a CEO is learning that they have to start delegating more and more responsibility to capable people on their team. In too many cases, if the CEO doesn’t like sales, he/she will want to hire salespeople. By making sure the CEO can answer these 10 critical questions, the delegation of the sales efforts will be more successful.

I’ve written my series of books on the stages of growth because I sincerely believe the concepts in the 7 Stages of Growth can help businesses succeed. My goal is to provide insights into growing a business, so business owners don’t have to figure it out as they go.

These books also become a great source of knowledge on the 7 Stages of Growth for all of my Growth Curve Specialists as well as great resources for your clients as they navigate their own growth curve.

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