All Growth Curve Specialists utilize up to 8 assessment tools (the majority of which are online) that allow a CEO and his/her management team to uncover any serious obstacles to their company’s growth. The power of these assessment tools lies in their ability to uncover real issues that the management team is struggling with in real time!

These assessment tools are designed to address critical issues that have been shown to impact companies at certain stages of growth.

A key differentiator to the 7 Stages of Growth materials is the ability to get to the heart of issues quicker, identify the root cause of an issue sooner in order for the management team to spend more time on solutions and less time on uncovering the problems.

Assessments include:

The 27 Challenges/27 Stengths — as your client completes this assessment, results show where they feel they are doing well — Strengths — and where they may be struggling — Challenges.

In facilitating an XRay, it is always a good idea to lead off with a company’s Strengths. Give each participant a chance to identify how those Strengths manifest themselves every day.

Then focus on the Challenges. Again, facilitate a discussion that asks participants to remember a time recently when one of their Challenges created a serious issue for the employees, the clients or the company in general.

The Non-Negotiable Leadership Rules — There are 5 Non-Negotiable Leadership Rules for each stage of growth. The assessment exercise takes participants through two PREVIOUS stages of growth and their current stage of growth. The goal behind this exercise is to identify the hidden agents that are creating a problem but as yet may not have been identified.

The assessment drills down into each Rule and forces participants to assess how well the company has done in addressing those issues. This exercise raises the awareness of the CEO and the managers on how well issues are communicated or how different people view specific issues in the company.

This is perhaps the most telling of all the assessments in terms of areas of focus for a leadership team. It’s also how you determine, based on the number of employees, where they LAND on the XRay Maps Growth Curve.

Builder/Protector Ratio — This is an assessment that helps a company understand how Confident or Cautious they are acting in specific areas of the company. This assessment also requires the most amount of ‘interpretation’. As you read the assessment, make note of the SCORING system.

A STRONGLY AGREE is 4 and a STRONGLY DISAGREE is a 1. So the Higher the Score the more the participant agrees with the statement. In the case of a Protective-focused question you will find one that reads:

Members of the team interrupt or discourage others from presenting their business development view and proposals.  If this statement garnered a HIGH SCORE it means that people AGREE with this statement — meaning it may be stopping people from presenting their views.

This assessment offers a lot of insight into a company’s dynamics but it does require a bit more study before presenting the results to the participants.