The hallmark of the Growth Curve Specialist Program is the one- or two-day Stages of Growth X-Ray.

This program is designed for CEOs and the leadership team and is exceptional in its ability to look beneath the surface of a company’s challenges and have a CEO and his/her management team walk away with 5 critical initiatives that will kick-start their profit engine, ignite their employee’s productivity and improve their company’s overall performance.

The Stages of Growth X-Ray is an internal, strategic alignment tool. Through a series of ‘stage-specific’ assessments, a Growth Curve Specialist can facilitate consensus quickly on challenging issues. By utilizing the research behind the 7 Stages of Growth, there is a foundation to start from when identifying obstacles that are hindering a company’s growth.

The process of the Stages of Growth X-Ray is self-actualizing as well as self-satisfying. Through the use of online assessments, anonymous input allows for candid input. Through the proven facilitation process, all voices are heard, all issues get surfaced and a team quickly becomes aligned behind 6 – 8 top initiatives for their current stage of growth.

The Stages of Growth X-Ray workshop is designed to:

  • Immediately identify a company’s stage of growth and determine how many managers they should have – a ratio of managers to employees that will help a company keep their overhead in line and productivity high.
  • Immediately recognize how many ‘builders’ a company has in their company – people who create new ideas, take on new initiatives, find ways to expand profitability – builders love to take risks and are highly supportive of growth. Builders grow companies.
  • Immediately recognize how many ‘protectors’ a company has – protectors are people who are cautious and prefer to slow down the pace of change – they are risk adverse and highly suspicious of growth. Protectors are necessary to ‘protect’ a company’s assets.
  • Immediately recognize the critical aspects of a company’s stage of growth – whether it’s knowing when a company moves from CEO-centric to enterprise-centric or knowing when to hire professional managers – a CEO begins to know what they didn’t know.

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