Executive Briefings

Join Our Community of Growth Curve Specialists and Differentiate Yourself in a Crowded Marketplace

Hello, my name is Laurie Taylor, president of FlashPoint! I have a unique opportunity to offer you.

As a business consultant or an executive coach, you know the challenge of helping your clients manage growth.

In my own experience working with companies with fewer than 500 employees, I know that CEOs are looking for answers. They want you to provide solutions to their challenges.

Familiar concerns include:

1. Why do I have to do everything?

2. Why is it so hard to get things done right?

3. When did this stop being fun?

4. How do I maintain profitability while adding necessary overhead?

5. Why is it so hard to figure out what I should do next to grow?

6. Why is it so difficult to find good people?

I helped take a startup to over 100 employees. Every day we faced challenges. While we grew the company to over $12 million dollars, we always felt like we were simply ‘figuring it out as we went’.

On my FREE webinar, on July 24th, at 9 a.m. PT, 12 noon ET, I’d like to introduce you to a unique program, based on research-proven concepts that offers you diagnostic tools that will change forever how your clients see their company.

Is this just another program? On some level, the answer is yes.

However, let me assure you, no other program helps a CEO and his/her management team get to the root cause of their issues faster — allowing them to get resolution sooner. And that’s what CEOs want. They want solutions.

And as you learn about my Growth Curve Specialist program, you’ll see exactly what those solutions are.

Take an hour and listen as I explain the concepts of the 7 Stages of Growth and two revenue-producing programs — the Stages of Growth X-Ray (TM) and Zeroing in on Your Companies Profit Zone (TM).  As an experienced business owner, speaker, trainer, author and business advisor to hundreds of companies, I know the value of helping a CEO:

1. Get focused on the right things at the right time

2. Help them anticipate growth and make better decisions

3. Show them how to adapt their leadership skills as their company grows

My Growth Curve Specialist (GCS) program, started in 2009, has been widely accepted by over 150+ consultants and coaches just like you. They have seen the value of adding these effective tools to their own toolkit and have seen their reach and revenue grow.

Why become a Growth Curve Specialist?

1. It’s a turnkey package – you have access to hundreds of slide decks, presentations, marketing messages

2. Unique and research-proven opportunities for your clients

3. Marketing, sales and implementation support 24/7

4. A website with over 300 resources

5. Free online refresher training sessions

6. Personal phone support whenever you need it

Like you, I’ve joined different programs over the years. Each one promised more than they delivered. Not the case here.

You’ll hear from one of my Growth Curve Specialists, David Brown, president and CEO of Epiphany Business Advisors. Visit David’s website at www.epiphanyba.com.

David will be my co-host on these webinars and you’ll hear first hand how he has utilized these programs to land six-figure consulting engagements. As one of my Master Trainers, David’s input on how to market and sell these concepts is incorporated into all the training materials. Like I said, you not only get trained on two incredibly powerful programs, but you learn first hand how to position and land revenue-producing opportunities.


And Vicki Lauter, president of Strategic Human Insights, who has been with the program for four years, has been very pleased with the amount of support she has received.

“I’ve been working with Laurie Taylor for four years on the Growth Curve material. Anytime I have emailed or called her, she has been super accessible. Laurie has been very helpful in answering my questions and helping me brainstorm new ways to market the Growth Curve based on my business expertise. Laurie’s coaching style and experience with so many small business owners shows she cares about my business as much as she does hers! You will be glad you decided to work with her.”  Visit Vicki’s website at www.strategichumaninsights.com


Will you spend an hour with me and learn more about how I can help you:

1. Expand your revenue capability by $100,000 a year

2. Offer your existing clients the ability to identify their critical issues in two days instead of two months

3. Help you position these unique programs to prospects

Upcoming FREE Executive Briefing

DATE: Tuesday, July. 24, 2018
TIME:  9 a.m. Pacific Time

This free briefing will:

1. Explain The 7 Stages of Growth, a research-based study of over 650 successful CEOs, that identified the challenges a business owner faces as they grow a business. The study indicated that as a company grows, the complexity increases, and that complexity is based on the addition of people. So a CEO identifies their stage of growth based on the number of people.

2. Walk you through the two revenue-producing programs – the Stages of Growth X-Ray (TM) and Zeroing in on Your Company’s Profit Zone (TM) – currently used by over 150 business consultants and coaches in North America, Central America, and Australia.

3. Clearly define the benefits to you on becoming a certified Growth Curve Specialist so you can utilize these concepts and programs in your business.

4.  Answer any questions you might have on this live webinar, and provide details on how other Growth Curve Specialists have used this program successfully since it started in 2009.

There is no obligation. Yes, I will be showing you how this program offers solutions to CEOs who want to grow their businesses. And yes, I’d love to take the next step after you learn more about this program to see if you meet our requirements to become a Certified Growth Curve Specialist.

I also love just meeting and talking with other business consultants and coaches who are working hard to help improve the success rate of small to mid-size businesses all over the world! So please register by clicking on the link below. Let’s at least talk and get to know each other and then see what the next step might be! What do you say?

Once you register, you’ll be given access information for the July 24th Briefing. You won’t have to download any software. The Executive Briefing will last approximately 60 minutes with plenty of time to answer any questions you might have.

Questions? Email me at laurie@igniteyourbiz.com. I’ll be happy to talk to you about this opportunity and answer any questions you might have.

You can also find the series of books I’m writing on each stage of growth on Amazon.com under my name Laurie L. Taylor. These help explain the challenges each stage faces and offers solutions to those challenges.