Hello! We are updating to a new membership platform and we need to ask for your help in making that happen.

First, you’ll notice we have a NEW URL. The NEW URL to access the updated GCS Membership Site is: https://gcspecialists.com.

Since this is a new platform we need to ask you to re-register to get you setup properly and to create a new agreement at PayPal under our new domain. Please click on the button below to setup your payment agreement at PayPal for the new system.

STEP 1 – Click PayPal Button or Join Specialists Monthly to use Stripe Below

STEP 2 – Follow Instructions Below

After setting up your payment agreement you will be taken to a registration page as shown below. Please select “I have an existing account” and enter the same user name and password that you already use to access the GCS Membership Site. Once logged in you will have access to all the GCS content.


Note: If you have any problems logging in please contact us at: laurie@igniteyourbiz.com

That’s It! Thanks so very much for your willingness to help us continue to update and improve our GCS Membership Site.