Darrell Crawford

Location: Alberta, Canada

Simply Superior Success

Phone: 730-460-3332
Mobile: 730-913-4949


Worked 8 years before getting a BA & MBA. Worked for ESSO Resources Canada Ltd. as OD Specialist & Management T&D Leader for western Canada, then Manager of Socioeconomic Affairs. Have had my own consulting company for the last 42 years.

I specialize in Strategic and Operational Planning, Plan Execution, Leadership Development, Performance Improvement, Leadership Succession Planning and Management in all levels of leadership, and Innovation Management.

Most of my work is with owners and senior leadership of privately-owned companies.

TOOLBOX: The key elements of my professional toolbox include Certification in all TTISI Assessments; certified in The Priorized Leader; certified Stages of Growth Specialist; certified in the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS); experienced in The Innovator’s Advantage; Owned and operated a franchise called The Alternative Board (TAB) Canada for 15 years; and, regrettably, getting dangerously close to 50 years of business experience.

I am a devout Continuous Learner. Spent the pandemic ‘sharpening the saw.’
Renewed and ready to go a few more years.

“A Leader’s prime responsibility is to turn followers’ anxiety into confidence.” Marcus Buckingham