Shad Ali

On Purpose Leadership Inc.




One of Shad’s core beliefs is that true growth and development comes from an intense understanding of self and a commitment to support and develop the capacity of others to realize their dreams and their potential. With a strong involvement and commitment to community, Shad has coached sports teams and served on several community boards and committees.

Shad is considered a thought leader in areas such as: Leadership; Business Growth; Leading High Performing Teams; Organization Development, Talent Management; Assessment of Behaviour, Motivation, Emotional Intelligence and Core Competencies; Philanthropy and Fundraising; Not-for-profit Management/Leadership.
Founded in 2000 On Purpose Leadership has grown to a multi-faceted company with tremendous success under its belt. We have delivered solutions for clients that have included: Leadership Development; Organization growth & development; Building High Performance Teams; Dynamic Communications; Time Management; First Time Manager (Effective Manager); Leadership Excellence; Sales Excellence; Planning for Success; Personal Effectiveness and Productivity; Emotional Intelligence; Conflict Management; Change Management and a host of other topic areas.

These clients have included a number of leading companies; leading not-for-profit and charitable organizations, municipalities and universities.

Our suite of Assessment tools are founded on a basis of solid research and developed in consultation with world leaders on related subjects.

Led by our President Nowshad (Shad) Ali our team of experts are themselves successful entrepreneurs and business leaders with many years of success. Many of them have multiple degrees and several are involved in other business ventures in addition to their commitment to the On purpose Leadership team. This continues to keep them sharp and ensures their insights and inputs are most relevant and current with today’s realities while based on well-founded research and sound methodologies.