Terri Norvell





With more than 25 years experience in up-and-down market cycles, Terri Norvell excels at helping leaders thrive with change and create bottom-line impact. She’s brilliant at getting people out of their own way so that they can achieve their desired results. How? By teaching how to first strengthen inner trust and then trust each other.

A renowned keynote speaker, trainer, consultant, and coach, she has worked with small businesses, organizations, associations, and corporations (including Stanford University, Molson-Coors Brewing, and Comcast).

Terri is sought out for her energy, positive attitude, and ability to get people to change – quickly and permanently. From the executive office to the front line, teams learn to focus on what’s working and align to turn challenges into opportunities.

What’s her secret? Terri uses a blend of science-backed research, including NLP (neurolinguistic programming), DiSC behavioral and motivation tools, applied neuroscience, kinesiology, emotional intelligence, positive intelligence, and quantum learning.

Why? Because she knows these concepts unlock a new mindset that leads people to a life of clarity, confidence, freedom, and joy.