“3 Critical Hidden Agents and How to Use Them to Engage a CEO”

Hi, it’s Laurie Taylor and I want to welcome you to “3 Critical Hidden Agents and How to Use Them to Engage a CEO”. Each month I’ll offer educational webinars that are designed to help you utilize the 7 Stages of Growth concepts in your business.  This month we’ll focus on three of the eight hidden agents of the 7 Stages of Growth — Builder/Protector, Modality and 3 Faces of a Leader.

Language is such a powerful tool. Helping an organization create a language of growth is part of the purpose of the 7 Stages of Growth. When we introduce the concepts of the Builder/Protector Ratio and explain to a CEO that one of their obstacles to growth could be the challenge of making sure that CEO is confident about the direction of the company, we introduce the concept of the Builder/Protector. If that same CEO is having trouble ‘getting his/her management team to step up’ helping him/her solve that issue could center around the fact that the management team lacks critical information and have fallen into protector mode — constricting growth.

Modality is a bigger challenge. Normally CEOs don’t think of themselves as being Facilitative and employees don’t consider being Dominant an option. However, a better understanding of the roles the CEO, Management Team and Employees play in the hidden agent called Modality can open up new opportunities for engagement at all levels.

The hidden agent called the 3 Faces of a Leader can start a CEO thinking about which face they wear most often. The next question becomes ‘how is that face serving you today in your current stage of growth?’

In this webinar, I’m going to cover:

1. What the thinking is behind each hidden agent by stage of growth

2. How to diagnose a company’s issues using these 3 hidden agents

3. Marketing messages using these 3 hidden agents

My goal on these monthly webinars is to provide you critical information that will help you deliver a successful X-Ray and give you knowledge and confidence in understanding the 7 Stages of Growth concepts.

Join me on June 25 starting at 9 a.m. Mountain Time or June 26 at 4 p.m. Mountain Time for this interactive webinar to help you better utilize these 3 critical hidden agents. Each webinar is an hour in length and a replay will be available to each participant.

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