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A recent research study identified 7 stages of growth that enterprises move through based on the level of complexity and that complexity is created by people. This growth model identifies stages of business growth through the number of people in an organization and provides a business owner insight on how the leader must adapt and adjust their focus based on their current stage of growth. Once you understand your stage of growth, you’ll be able to:

Gain Critical Insight
What got you here may not get you there! One of the rules of the 7 Stages of Growth states: What you don’t get done in any stage of growth doesn’t go away. Using the 7 Stages of Growth you can actually PREDICT what’s coming and get ahead of those issues today! You don’t have to ‘figure it out as you go’.

Identify the Right Solution
Do you need to ramp up your sales efforts? Do you need to hire quality people? Are your systems not keeping up with your growing organization? Is there an effective staff orientation program in place? In the research study, 27 business challenges were uncovered and every business will experience all 27. However the 7 Stages of Growth helps you focus on the right challenges and the right solutions at the right time based on your stage of growth.

Grow with Intention
Why guess about growth? Why not embrace a model that has helped thousands of business owners all over the world better prepare for growth, better manage that growth and create a language of growth everyone on your team can understand? Engaging every single employee in your company in understanding how they can impact growth, takes the mystery out of running a company and creates a culture of alignment and execution. Two critical factors for success.

Successful growth companies are companies that continue to grow amidst the powerfully chaotic forces of expansion and change. They are also extremely hard to manage. By applying a research-proven enterprise development model called the 7 Stages of Growth, a business owner can proactively determine:

How to predict how growth will impact your organization;

Help you focus on the right things at the right time and

Help you adapt your leadership skills to what your company needs today.


Considering the challenges in growing a company, business leaders don’t need theories or concepts about how to run a business. What they need is the unvarnished truth and specific methods and solutions that deliver results. By understanding the concepts underlying the 7 Stages of Growth, a business owner will be able to:

  • Identify their past, current and future stage of growth and learn how to adjust to the challenges of each
  • Identify hidden influences that are hindering or advancing a company’s performance
  • Learn a language of growth that will engage staff in tackling growth issues


Learn more about the 7 Stages of Growth business model.  (this is a hot link to where you want them to go)

Put in the Chart showing the 7 Stages of Growth and ask:

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Another option to consider has a question popping up that is one of the 27 Challenges, and a solution appears:

The Rolling Challenges and Questions on Home Page:

Q:  Unclear values throughout the organization?

A:  Clarify behaviors you want, get rid of those you don’t

Q:  Profits inadequate to grow?

A:  Pick up 3 tools to improve your bottom line

Q:  Need to have better staff buy-in?

A:  Get your own 10-step communication plan

Q:  Company culture resistant to change?

A:  How’s your confidence/caution ratio?

Q:  Need for a flexible planning model?

A:  Tap into the intelligence of your company

Q:  Have a leadership/staff communication gap?

A:  Drive consensus and improve staff engagement

Q:  Do you have a growth plan?

A:  Uncover what your key employees want

Q:  Have excessive employee turnover?

A:  Drill down with easy-to-apply exercises

Q:  Struggling to manage the chaos of growth?

A:  Learn why some chaos is critical to your stage of growth

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