Zeroing in on Your Company’s Profit Zone

Hello! Welcome to our page where you can download the materials you need to deliver a Profit Zone Program. On this site, you will find:

1. The training manual on what you need to know about delivering a Profit Zone program.

2. The powerpoint presentation you will use when delivering this presentation to a client.

3. The file to print the Profit Zone Map and the Specifications for the Profit Zone Map.

4. Suggested uses of flip charts to help encourage and capture critical information throughout the delivery of a Profit Zone Program.

The Purpose of the Profit Zone Program:

To help a CEO involve their entire organization in understanding how each person impacts a company’s profit zone.

How the Program is Set Up:

The Profit Zone exercise is divided into two layers of awareness. Level ONE Awareness starts with the CEO and their direct reports (management team).

Level TWO Awareness is done with Managers and their direct reports.

In large organizations, there could be Level THREE and Level FOUR Awareness as every layer of management where there are direct reports creates their own Profit Zone Activity Map.

Goals of the Program:

1)      To raise awareness that the ability to impact a company’s bottom line is the responsibility of each and every employee

2)      To identify how well a company is navigating through the 9 activities that make up a company’s profit zone

3)      To help each employee identify the activities they can impact that will improve a company’s bottom line and set up key indicators to track their progress

4)      Create specific initiatives that will lead to a company strengthening all 9 activities that impact profitability

5)      To see improvement in a company’s bottom line

Benchmarking Progress to Improve a Company’s Profit Zone

It’s the intent of this program to help a company improve it’s bottom line. Prior to the program’s start, the GCS will work with the CEO to identify their Net Profit for a specific period of time. This determination will be the benchmark against how the company will evaluate it’s performance after 6 months.

It should be the intent of the participants to create initiatives that individual departments can focus on immediately in order to bring awareness to the areas they need to strengthen. Those initiatives are created, accountability owners are identified and milestones are written down.  If each department improves their own areas of the Profit Zone, the overall company’s profit should also improve.

Below you will find powerpoint modules and other tools that provide you information on how to conduct a Profit Zone program.

Client Presentation V3.0

Microsoft Word – Training Manual Profit Zone Program

Marketing Concepts for the Profit Zone Program

How to Print the Map for a Profit Zone Program

9 Activities of the Profit Zone Handout

Profit Zone Assessment Questions

Flip Chart — A Financial Literacy Quiz

Flip Chart — What Does this Company Sell

Flip Chart — Debunking the 3 Myths

Flip Chart — How Our Job Can Reduce Costs

Flip Chart — How Our Job Impacts Profit

Flip Chart — The PZ Assessment Worksheets

Flip Chart — Action Steps

Flip Chart — Employees Improving Profits

Flip Chart — The Plan Beyond This Session