Stage 3 The Art of Delegation


Are you willing to ‘let it go to grow’? This is the stage of growth where many CEOs decide the company has grown beyond their management skills or just plain don’t want to mess with all the management issues that show up in Stage 3.

The company has just moved from CEO-centric to Enterprise-centric. The CEO can no longer stay involved in all aspects of the company so learning better delegation skills isn’t an option.

Understand why delegation is so hard to do and learn a four-step formula for effective delegation.


Hang on to your sanity, your world just shifted. You’ve grown to a Stage 3 company with 20 – 34 employees. A strong phenomenon occurs with the addition of employee #20.

It’s similar to when your pre-teen, who used to think you walked on water, now thinks you’re dumb and dumber. Your are just months shy of a staff revolution. You’ve felt the change. Your employees are harder to manage, they push back more often and their attitude hits you in the face when you least expect it.

Here’s a hint. Don’t point the finger at them; look at yourself. Your skills as a leader will be tested every day at this critical stage of growth.

In Laurie’s third book, learn the value of understanding when to delegate, what to delegate and even more importantly, what not to delegate.



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