Stage 6 Fostering Happy Employees


Stage 6 is the Strategic stage of growth. Four of the top five challenges are people issues and as the CEO of this stage of growth, you need to:

Help each individual see how they impact the bottom line.
Become adept at active listening.
Develop and practice a sound decision-making process.

This Strategic focus will not work without the buy-in of your leadership team and your entire staff. Seize the opportunity to tune into the perspectives of your team.

Uncover the critical questions you must be asking at your weekly leadership team meetings to ensure people are talking about the critical issues, not rehashing old problems.


There’s a rhythm now. Patterns of behavior have been established, processes are in place and the morning walk through your company has an air of familiarity that feels good and comfortable. Your confidence in your staff is strong. If you’ve captured the imagination of your leaders, they now provide the stability of making good decisions; connecting with their direct reports and providing you sound input that keeps you updated on critical issues and day-to-day progress.

Stage 6 has 96 – 160 employees. You have to evaluate everything and be willing to change how you think and act to enable growth today and well into the future. As the leader and visionary of the firm, you will notice that most of the challenges typical for Stage 6 relate to people, which requires a leader who believe strongly in the power of effective and consistent communication.

In Laurie’s sixth book on the 7 Stages of Growth, learn the value of teaching your leadership team how to adapt and not be afraid of uncertainty. This will be your greatest challenge in this Strategic stage of growth.

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