Stage 1 Survive and Thrive


The sooner you begin to pay attention to the challenges of growing a business, the more successful you will be. The 7 Stages of Growth provide business owners with a crystal ball to help them see around the corner and plan for their next stage of growth.

Stage 1 has to be all about:

Managing cash 
Identifying your product or service
Testing it in the marketplace
Finding needed capital to grow

The honeymoon is over! You have your startup capital, you’ve ramped up to four to six employees quickly and now the fun begins.

Getting out of the gate with a new company isn’t easy, but it’s a cakewalk compared to creating a consistently profitable business that you can run without it running you. You will be destabilized by chaos and you have to learn to embrace that chaos that comes with growth.

Not a startup? If you have 1 – 10 employees and have been in business for many years, there are still valuable lessons to be learned in Laurie’s first book such as improving profitability by using a profit plan, creating an effective sales process that’s scalable and getting your products or services to market.


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