Do you work with CEOs and business owners who struggle with managing the growth of their organization? If your audiences are CEOs and business owners with fewer than 500 employees, and you’d like to differentiate yourself in an overly crowded market, the certified Growth Curve Specialist program could be your best investment this year.

Our Growth Curve Specialist program will provide you with the ability to increase your business income by up to $100,000 in 12 months.

Dear Potential Growth Curve Specialist:

I’m Laurie Taylor, President of FlashPoint! For years I’ve been working with an incredible business growth methodology that helps CEOs, with fewer than 500 employees, understand and manage the dynamics of growth.

Now the growth concept that has helped hundreds of CEOs effectively manage the growth of their businesses is available to you.

My Growth Curve Specialist Certification Program is designed for business consultants, executive coaches and peer advisory facilitators who already work with CEOs and who understand the challenges a CEO faces in growing their business.

I’m not saying this lightly: Once you become a certified Growth Curve Specialist and understand the concepts behind the two revenue-producing programs included in the program, you will have the ability to increase your business income by up to $100,000 in 12 months.

“Leaders are always looking for ways to meet the challenges of growing their companies. The traditional answers of better leadership, more capital, better sales team – you name it – often create even more frustration. The 7 Stages of Growth gives leaders a prescriptive model to follow, and is a breath of fresh air. The immediate dialogue that can be achieved with executives has allowed me to fill a big void in my consulting practice, and work with companies in a way that gets quick, measurable results.

Once you have the power of the 7 Stages of Growth working for you in your own business, you will be surprised at how quickly you will be able to engage prospects and close sales quicker, create longer term relationships and generate killer referrals.”

Murray Janewski, Certified Growth Curve Specialist since 2009

A Business-Building Program with Long Term Effects

If you can identify a problem, put a name to a problem, you can solve it. Many CEOs know intuitively that something is wrong in their organization. They see the symptoms every day:

  • A management team that seems to push back, seems like they are always waiting for someone else to step forward. The CEO doesn’t feel he/she has the right people on the bus.
  • Managers who say all the right things when talking about their management effectiveness, but employees drop hints to the CEO about issues, a lack of trust with their manager. The CEO is left wondering who to believe and how to address the problem.
  • Rumors run rampant. Seems there is always some crisis of the day cropping up, wasting people’s time, slowing down productivity, creating discord among the staff.
  • As the company grows, systems seem less efficient. Things that worked well just a few months ago, seem to have lost their ability to perform. When asked, people complain about processes that no longer work or people who don’t follow the ones in place.

If there are rumors, is the problem the rumors or is the problem a lack of information? Chase down the rumors and you spend a lot of unproductive time. Time that a CEO can’t afford. However, if you were able to help that CEO identify the problem behind the rumors as a Leadership/Staff Communication Gap — problem solved!

As a trained Growth Curve Specialist you would be able to provide that CEO the solutions to solving that problem by:

  1. Identifying the core values
  2. Solidifying the company’s vision and mission
  3. Creating a company communication plan
  4. Implementing one-on-ones with managers and superviors

Solutions to real problems identified through a series of stage of growth specific assessments. Problems that the CEO and his/her leadership team are identifying — a process that creates immediate buy-in.

As an experienced consultant, you know the challenge of getting buy-in from a diverse group of experienced executive leaders.

Because the 7 Stages of Growth and the research that supports it has identified 27 business challenges, your ability to help a CEO put a name to a problem immediately enhances your credibility.

Increased productivity, increased profitability and increased performance are much easier to sustain when issues are clarified, symptoms addressed quickly and solutions undertaken by the entire company.

The Process

Once you qualify to become a certified Growth Curve Specialist, you’ll go through a 2-day onsite training program. The purpose of this two-day program is to train you on the two revenue-producing programs, the Stages of Growth XRay and Zeroing in on Your Profit Zone.

The two-day training program offers case studies, real client examples of how executive teams assessed their issues, got alignment around those issues and created critical intiatives to address each one of the issues.

Marketing and sales tips are provided. And you’ll explore how to integrate these concepts into your existing business, giving you the confidence to start delivering this powerful tool to your existing clients within 30 days of becoming certified.

Following the two-day training program, you’ll have the ability to access the GCS Membership Site, designed to provide you ongoing resources and education on the critical concepts underlying the research behind the 7 Stages of Growth. You’ll learn why the Profit/Revenue Gate is the top gate for a Stage 1 and Stage 2 company. You’ll understand the dynamic of the Wind Tunnel and the Flood Zones, transition zones between each stage of growth that can’t be circumvented but can be managed.

“I’ve been a speaker, trainer and leadership consultant for over 10 years. In 2007 I became a certified Growth Curve Specialist after having heard Laurie Taylor speak about the 7 Stages of Growth. The concept was intriguing for me because I was looking for a way to differentiate myself in a very crowded market.

I introduced an existing client to the Stages of Growth X-Ray program. From the XRay, the CEO started to look at his company in an entirely different perspective. The ability to drill down into the company’s challenges based on their stage of growth was incredibly insightful.

The changes this CEO has made in just 3 months have helped him to realign priorities and improve how the company is run. I am thrilled with the level of credibility this program gives me when I’m speaking to a CEO. The information is so spot-on that the programs, once explained, sell themselves.

To be able to narrow a CEOs focus to their current stage of growth has made all the difference in the world in how I work with my clients. I am delighted I took the Growth Curve Training program and my income has substantially improved since I added the 7 Stages of Growth to my business.”

Sue Hansen, Sue Hansen Speaks

Each quarter you’ll be able to join other Growth Curve Specialists in a three-hour online refresher training course. You’ll get tips on how to integrate this program into your existing business, hear how other GCS are marketing the stages of growth, and get your questions answered on any aspect of the stages of growth model.

The GCS Membership Site is a password-protected section of the growth curve specialists website. You can watch video segments delivered by Laurie Taylor that cover topics such as: Marketing Tips for the Growth Curve, Frequently Asked Questions for the 7 Stages of Growth, Using Leadership Modality to Engage a CEO, How to Position an X-Ray to a Prospect, Secrets to Facilitating a Successful X-Ray – and many more. Plus you’ll have access to articles about the different stages of growth that you can utilize on your own website, your blog posts or your newsletters.

Why Become a Certified Growth Curve Specialist?

The 7 Stages of Growth offers you a competitive edge.

You will give your clients headlights into the future of their company. You’ll be able to help them diagnose their problems earlier and treat the problem directly. They won’t chase windmills anymore. They will uncover the obstacles to their growth.

The 7 Stages of Growth is a research-based model developed by James Fischer after interviewing and working with over 650 CEOs in 35 different industries to uncover the patterns and the issues that kept these companies growing despite all the challenges businesses face.

The 7 Stages of Growth indicates that as a company grows, the complexity level of that organization increases. That complexity increases because of the number of people. James Fischer identified 7 stages of growth that companies move through and identified critical hidden agents that create obstacles to a company’s growth.

The 7 Stages of Growth concept is designed to help business owners, with fewer than 500 employees, navigate through these obstacles by educating these business owners in three specific areas:

  1. help them focus on the right things at the right time
  2. help them understand how to manage the growth of their company
  3. help them understand how they have to adapt their skills to the different stages of growth

I’ve taken the knowledge of the 7 Stages of Growth and packaged it into a 2-day certification program designed to:

Provide a pre-packaged proven program you can introduce to your existing clients within days after becoming certified.

Provide a research-proven business model, the 7 Stages of Growth, that engages prospects quickly and improves your close rate for new business.

Provide a proven methodology that addresses a business owners issues quickly, uncovers current obstacles a company is facing and provides prescriptive alternatives based on a company’s current stage of growth.

Provide training in two revenue-producing programs — the Stages of Growth XRay and Zeroing in on Your Company’s Profit Zone. Programs that are ready to deliver, with proven results.

After working side-by-side with James Fischer for 5 years, I have taken the knowledge of the 7 Stages of Growth and created my Growth Curve Specialist program.Why?Because in the 7 years that I utilized this model for my own clients and spoke to hundreds of CEOs across the country, I see the power the 7 Stages of Growth has on a CEOs ability to ‘navigate their growth curve.’ The information was too good NOT to share.

“I wanted other successful business owners — consultants who work every day with CEOs of growing companies — to have these concepts available to their clients.”

Laurie Taylor, Owner of Growth Curve Specialists

I want more business owners to succeed. And it’s my belief that by using the concepts in the 7 Stages of Growth, their success rate improves. The reason is because their knowledge improves. They start to understand what is required of them in each stage of growth and that knowledge keeps them ahead of their own growth curve.

They create and develop strong, healthy organizations that support hundreds of thousands of capable, engaged people. They create sustainable businesses. And that’s good for our global economy.

If you are interested in pursuing certification in the 7 Stages of Growth and becoming a Growth Curve Specialist, contact me today.

I’ll take you through the entire program. Show you how you can return your investment in 60 days or less. Add more revenue to your company. And provide your clients with the tools they need to grow a sustainable, profitable business.

Let me ask you this question:
If you were able to help your clients predict how growth was going to impact their business — wouldn’t that knowledge set you apart from the crowded world of business consultants and executive coaches?

You bet it would! The Growth Curve Specialist program is a comprehensive approach that provides business consultants with a proven-formula for solving problems that plague small businesses.

For instance, by providing you with the knowledge on how to effectively utilize the stages of growth material, when talking with existing or new clients, you will engage them at a level that immediately identifies their growth trauma.

You will be able to speak to their pain and show them how, by understanding what stage of growth they are in, they can proactively begin to manage their growth, improve productivity and increase profitability.

“I lived through the challenges of my own growth curve when I was the CEO of a newspaper business in 1983. I grew that company to a good-sized firm before selling it. I continued to run that growth company for the successor owners for a number of years. Thus going from one employee to 100, I had unwittingly experienced the growth curve while building that business from ’83 to ’97.

I saw the need among business owner-managers for help in dealing with the hidden agents uncovered in the 7 Stages of Growth.

I feel that being a GCS gives me a comprehensive manner in which to cast the issues I encounter while helping CEOs.”

Tom Krekel, President, Full Sail Strategies

Most business pundits are able to evaluate a business based on past financials – they look at how well a company’s profits have grown each year, they identify new potential markets, and they spend hours dissecting a company’s strategic plan in order to shore up areas of deficiency.

And in the search for improvement, many times the obstacles that have caused the company to languish are not properly identified or those obstacles are completely ignored in order to address new areas of focus.

Once you understand this incredible growth model and can speak to the fact that the challenges a company faces with 30 employees are different than the challenges they face with 150 employees ….. a CEO starts listening.

When you actually start telling them what their current challenges are, based on how many employees they have, they become engaged.

And they want to know more.

Many business owners simply end up making the same mistakes once the coach or consultant has left because what hasn’t changed is the business owner’s ability to address current obstacles or identify new obstacles as they become embedded into the company’s culture.

A research study of over 650 CEOs is highlighted in a book by James Fischer called “Navigating the Growth Curve: 9 Fundamentals that Build a Profit-Driven, People-Centered, Growth-Smart Company”.

The research-based study identifies a level of complexity that increases as a company grows.

For years, business experts have tried to align a company’s growth curve based on revenues or profits. While revenues and profits can certainly show growth, they aren’t predictors of growth.

In attempting to understand and decipher the patterns, the behavior and the characteristics of growth, Fischer’s research uncovered a level of complexity that was driven by one critical factor.

That critical factor was the human being. People. Staff. Employees.

As a company grows and increases the number of employees, the dynamics of a company change.

I took a company from 2 employees to over 100 employees. As that company grew, my partner and I struggled with managing the growth of that enterprise.

I remember distinctly the day when we experienced a staff revolution. We had 22 employees. One day we were running along pretty smoothly – capturing exciting new clients, adding talented new employees – and the next day everything just sorta blew up!

Our ability to manage projects profitably started eroding, we weren’t able to keep up with systems fast enough, our client management became much more difficult. And then our staff revolted.

Seems my partner and I were micromanaging. We weren’t allowing these very talented people to do what we hired them to do. We’d pass out responsibility but forgot to hand out authority. We didn’t explain our growth plan. We kept adding new clients faster than we added staff, creating long hours and weekend work that became standard.

Our staff let us know in no uncertain terms that things needed to change. Our staff complained about losing the closeness that had made coming to work fun. People were tripping all over each other because we hadn’t defined roles and responsibilities.

What I would have given to know then what I know now. In fact, if I had of been aware of what I’m going to share with you about understanding the stages of growth that all companies move through, that $12 million business would have been a $50 million business.

This simple yet revolutionary understanding that James Fischer uncovered in his research, known as the 7 Stages of Growth, fundamentally changes how business owners manage the growth challenges of their company.

And it’s this model that I want to share with you.

Here are the four rules that govern the concepts that support the 7 Stages of Growth Enterprise Development model:

  1. The movement from one stage of growth to another begins as soon as you land in any stage of growth
  2. What you don’t get done in a specific stage of growth does not go away
  3. Time will make a difference
  4. If you aren’t growing, you are dying

I applied this model to that $12 million company I was in charge of right after the dotcom blow up of 2000. By understanding the unique challenges of our current stage of growth and the stage of growth we downsized to after laying off 30 people, we were able to keep our company from the brink of bankruptcy.

Interested? Let’s talk. If you are looking for a program that will:

  1. Increase your top line revenue
  2. Increase your value to your existing clients
  3. Increase your ability to improve your clients success

Stand out from the overly crowded field of business consultants and stop confusing your clients with the ‘business book of the week’.

As a Growth Curve Specialist, you will be among a small group of highly trained, highly effective business advisors who are truly helping businesses ‘navigate their growth curve’ successfully!

Powerful results for your clients and lucrative results for you.

To learn more about the revenue-producing programs, follow these links.

Stages of Growth XRay

Zeroing in on Your Company’s Profit Zone

Hi, I’m Laurie Taylor and I’d love for you to learn MORE about my Growth Curve Specialists program! Listen as I explain why YOU should consider adding the 7 Stages of Growth to your existing business. Learn about my two revenue-generating programs, the Stages of Growth XRay and Zeroing in on Your Profit Zone. But even more interesting than hearing me talk about it, listen to two of my Growth Curve Specialists, Sue Hansen and Murray Janewski, explain why they became a Growth Curve Specialist!

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