The Stages of Growth X-Ray

The Purpose of the Stages of Growth X-Ray Program:

To help a CEO create alignment around critical growth issues his/her company is facing.

How the Stages of Growth X-Ray is Set Up:

The Stages of Growth X-Ray is made up of several online assessments. Each assessment is designed to help a CEO and his/her management team understand what hidden agents are creating obstacles to their growth. The assessments include:

The 27 Challenges/27 Strengths Exercise
The Builder/Protector Ratio Exercise
The Non-Negotiable Leadership Rules for a Specific Stage of Growth

Goals of the Program:

1)      Identify and create awareness around a company’s top growth challenges.

2)      To improve a company’s ability to make better decisions.

3)      Help a CEO and his/her management team uncover obstacles to their growth and find alignment on critical issues.

3)      To create a language of growth that will help each employee understand how growth is impacting the company.

4)      To provide headlights into the company’s future to help navigate their own growth curve and improve their bottom line.

The X-Ray Client Presentation – a Power point presentation

Training Program – Stages of Growth X-Ray

X-Ray Notebook Cover Design

Graphic View of Diagnosis – Treatment for XRay

Ready to Handout Marketing ‘Leave Behind’ for the XRay

Marketing Using 3 Gates of Focus

Marketing Using 27 Challenges

8 Hidden Agents Handout

Quick Study Guide Blank Template

Answers for the Quick Study Guide

How to Print the Map for a Stages of Growth X-Ray

27 Challenges Assessment

Leadership Styles Assessment

Leadership Styles Descriptions

Leadership Competency Assessment

Description of 18 Leadership Competencies